Pedal Power ACT support new public health campaign

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Canberrans will come face-to-face with the health impacts of ‘toxic fat’ as the ACT’s first ever hard-hitting campaign about the risks of being overweight is launched today.

Heart Foundation ACT, with funding from the ACT Government will be delivering the mass media LiveLighter campaign which first aired on TV across the ACT last Sunday, 19 October 2014.
In line with the push to promote healthier activities in the capital, Pedal Power ACT were announced as a supporter of the campaign at the launch, and thanked by Heart Foundation ACT CEO, Tony Stubbs.

The campaign has been designed to inform, encourage change and trigger fresh debate about healthy lifestyle related issues and is a critical element of the ACT Government’s Healthy Weight Initiative.

Stubbs acknowledged the campaign was confronting but said so was the fact that nearly two-thirds of adults in the ACT were overweight or obese.

“While talking about weight is confronting, we can’t ignore the health impacts – it’s time to take a direct approach and demonstrate the link between a grabbable gut and chronic disease. In the ACT 62% of adults are overweight or obese increasing their risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.”

This campaign aims to explain why fat around your waist and visceral fat around your internal organs is bad for your overall health, but it also provides plenty of practical tips, tools and resources that show how to maintain a healthy weight.

“This campaign will act as a powerful motivator, convincing Canberra’s adults to improve their health by eating better and being more active,” Mr Stubbs said. “And we are delighted that well-established organisations such as Pedal Power ACT are supporting us in promoting more active lifestyles for better health outcomes.”

Consultant Cardiologist at Canberra Hospital, Professor Walter Abhayaratna said helping Canberrans achieve and maintain a healthy weight needs to be a priority, “People know it’s important to eat a balanced diet and be active, but many of us struggle to make healthy choices. The reality is that small, easy changes really do make a positive difference to your health,” Professor Abhayaratna said.

The LiveLighter campaign is supported by a comprehensive, easy-to-use website, providing a wealth of information, resources and tools including an online meal and activity planner featuring healthy recipes that are easy to make. The website is at:


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