Pedal Power ACT Insurance: Mythbuster Edition

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Did you know

If you are a member of Pedal Power ACT, you are covered by the most comprehensive and cost-effective bike rider insurance in Australia.

Anytime you are on your bike, anywhere in the world.

Did you know that you could be eligible to claim loss of income, or a chaffeur service after an accident?

Pedal Power ACT members recently got together for our regular social and information night to hear the details about their Pedal Power membership insurance component. Below are just some of the many interesting facts we uncovered during the night.


You must reside in Canberra to be covered by our insurance FALSE

  • You are covered riding anywhere in the world, doesn’t matter if that’s Canberra, Cooma, or Canada!

I just had a baby and added them to my membership so they are covered FALSE

  • The Pedal Power insurance covers members aged 1 to 100. It is recommended that babies under 12-months aren’t on bikes (including in bike trailers, or bike child seats) as they generally don’t have adequate neck support. Generally, bicycle helmets won’t fit children until 12-months.
  • Once over 12-months, children may travel on a bike in a trailer or child seat, and they will be covered in the event of an accident.

Your bicycle is covered FALSE

  • Our insurance is for riders, not the bicycle and associated equipment. The cost of our members’ bikes and equipment would vary considerably, making it a complex policy situation. It doesn’t fit with the way our policy is set up and is far outside our current scope.
  • We suggest you check your home and contents insurance first to see if they are covered that way. If not, there are many other options for Australian companies if you google ‘bike insurance’. We don’t particularly recommend one or another.

Pedal Power ACT insurance can help if I hit a car or other bike rider and I’m responsible for the damage TRUE

  • Our public liability insurance covers members up to $20million if you’re held liable for injury to someone else or damaging property.
  • Your membership also includes access to a partnership with local legal firm Sneddon Hall and Gallop. Find out more about these benefits here.

All my medical expenses after an accident will be covered FALSE

  • Medical expenses after an accident will only be covered if they are non-Medicare related. Federal Government legislation prevents any insurance company from paying any insurance benefit for a medical expense covered by Medicare or the Medicare gap. This means if something was paid for in full or partially by Medicare, the policy cannot be used to make up the difference.
  • Common things NOT covered: Doctor’s fees, Surgeon’s fees, Anaesthetist’s fees, X-rays
  • Common ‘non-Medicare’ expenses our members are covered for: Dental, Physiotherapy, Ambulance cover, private hospital bed cover

I’m covered for multiple injuries TRUE

  • If an accident results in multiple injuries they will be covered; the policy covers up to 85% of non-Medicare medical costs up to $7,500 per accident
  • The policy covers up to $7500 overall – not for each injury sustained

I can claim through Pedal Power insurance not my private health insurance FALSE

  • Our insurance requires you to claim through private health insurance first. Our policy may cover if there is gap.

If I have ongoing costs with an accident, I am able to add them to my claim more than 52 weeks after the accident FALSE

  • The member can claim for expenses incurred from the date of the injury for the following 12-months. If the member has expenses more than 12-months later, they will not be covered. The practicality of keeping these policies affordable requires there limits to be set.

If I have an accident and can’t work, I can claim loss of income TRUE

  • Our insurance policy provides up to 85% of your income to a maximum of $1000 per week. This can cover from one week after the accident to up to 52 weeks after the accident.

Insurance only covers medical expenses and loss of income FALSE

  • There are heaps of other benefits in our schedule including:pp insurance benefits
  • For instance, a member came into the office with an insurance claim because they’d come off the bike and broken both arms. They had full casts from wrist to upper arm on both arms. Their partner was away at a work conference all week, and it was school holidays, so they were in charge of childcare for 2 small children. We worked with them to get a chauffeur plan so they were able to get around.

This is just the first edition of Pedal Power ACT Insurance MYTH-BUSTERS. We want to know if you have any other questions.

Please send your questions into and we’ll update the MYTH-BUSTERS.


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