Pedal Power CEO John Armstrong on what light rail works mean for your ride to work

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This week the Canberra Times asked Pedal Power CEO John Armstrong what the ongoing light rail works along Northbourne Avenue mean for bike riders who commute along this route.

"Roadworks need to occur along Northbourne Avenue and those road closures are important but it is just as important to consider the bike rider along with the motor vehicle driver in any of those road closures," Mr Armstrong said.

"A number of people have reported to the Pedal Power ACT office their dissatisfaction with them being pushed into traffic in the same lane as that of motor vehicle drivers.

"By not catering for the bike riding commuter it places a level of danger that is not required if good thought is put into effective temporary traffic management."

The Canberra Times identified that while drivers have experienced only minor delays, bike rider safety has been compromised during the light rail construction.

Transport Canberra has assured Pedal Power ACT that they will be increasing resources in order to address the problem for bike riders on Northbourne Avenue while light rail works continue.

Read the whole article at the Canberra Times: What Canberra's light rail construction will mean for your commute


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