Pedal Power CEO talks bikes and abuse on Canberra roads

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Pedal Power CEO John Armstrong was on the radio this week with Genevieve Jacobs on 666 ABC Canberra to talk about tensions between bike riders and drivers on Canberra roads, particularly relating to women.

"It's fairly apparent if you provide some pretty good, effective cycling infrastructure, the capacity to ride safely - certainly that perception of safety is very important for women - it's a very good barometer to actually provide more children and more women on the bike," Armstrong said, pointing out that cities who have a higher percentage of female bike riders have a higher percentage of overall population who ride bikes.

The discussion was prompted by an article on the RiotACT this week about women who ride bikes on Canberra roads facing abuse from drivers.

A poll taken on the RiotACT indicated that the majority of drivers try to be respectful towards people riding bikes on our roads.


John Armstrong noted that while Pedal Power ACT had not been receiving a higher number of reports than usual about women riders facing abuse on Canberra roads, it was a good opportunity to talk about how to get more women riding bikes in Canberra to increase overall participation rates. He said that making the road safe for riding bikes is important for all Canberrans, and that Government should be leading the way.

"It's a good opportunity to really talk about what's important for people who ride their bike, and women are a very good barometer to determine whether our facilities are up to speed," said Armstrong.

"We've got an Election Forum in a couple of weeks where this type of issue can be raised."

You can hear the whole interview on 666 here - it starts at around 37 minutes in.

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