Ride2Work Day 2016

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Commuters enjoying the breakfast in Civic

It was a cold and clear Canberra morning for Ride2Work Day this year, and plenty of commuter cyclists were out in Civic enjoying the Pedal Power ACT breakfast before heading in to work.

“Riding to work is an excellent way to get incidental exercise and avoid traffic congestion. It is great to see so many Canberrans out this morning, demonstrating a practical way to fit in exercise with a busy lifestyle,” said Pedal Power ACT CEO John Armstrong.

The Ride2Work Day breakfast is a chance to give regular bike commuters a pat on the back, and an opportunity to encourage workmates and friends who might like to give riding to work a go.

Hartley Lifecare were on hand frying bacon and eggs to make breakfast rolls for the bike-riding crowd, and Australian Bananas provided fruit to fuel the commuter revolution.

Representing the crossover between commuting and elite Australian cycling for Ride2Work Day was Pedal Power ACT's ambassador, Olympian Sue Powell.

Sue told the Ride2Work Day breakfast gathering about how she got her start in cycling riding a bike to school "every day 10km each way through Canberra, loved it. And I still love it."

After her brilliant showing at the 2016 Rio Paralympics Sue is now looking forward to spending a bit of time as a commuter cyclist around Canberra, "enjoying the scenery, enjoying the ride to work and not feeling the pressure to be somewhere."


John Armstrong and Kim Huynh

There were many Canberrans enjoying the Ride2Work breakfast this morning, but none so intriguingly-dressed as Independent ACT election candidate Kim Huynh.

Kim attended the breakfast along with his brother. They said that they both use their bikes to travel everywhere, often cycling 400km a week when commuting. "I find it relaxing," said Kim.

Emma Thomas from Transport Canberra was also on hand to show support for Ride2Work Day, along with ACT Government staff handing out showbags and balloons to commuter cyclists.

Emma spoke to Pedal Power CEO John Armstrong about how Ride2Work Day can help get more people on their bikes in Canberra.

"In the ACT we're about 2.9% of people who ride to work, do you think we can bump that up?" John Armstrong asked.

"I think we can definitely bump that up," said Emma. "We've got a great city for riding, and sometimes it's just taking the first step."

That's where Ride2Work Day comes in. We're already looking forward to next year's event.

Thanks to:

  • Hartley Lifecare
  • Transport Canberra’s Active Travel Office
  • Bicycle Network
  • Australian Bananas
  • Rotary BuyCycle Event
  • Share a Bike
  • Ride 365
  • Nitelights


Transport Canberra's Director General Emma Thomas with Olympian Sue Powell.

Transport Canberra's Director General Emma Thomas with Olympian Sue Powell.

The Tiffen & Co Cycling Team showed up bright and early for breakfast!

The Tiffen & Co Cycling Team showed up bright and early for breakfast.













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