Canberrans, turn on your lights and be seen

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It takes a special sort of rider to get on the bike in sub-zero temperatures, often in dark and frosty conditions. Typically, we call this type of bike rider a ‘Canberran’.

Those of us who bravely carry on riding our bikes through freezing ACT winters scoff at the idea that we’d change our habits because of a little bit of frost. It’s so much more pleasant to be riding a bike than sitting on a stuffy bus, breathing in the winter germs of fellow commuters, or trapped in traffic gridlock in a car.

Yet there is one habit you need to adopt if you’re going to survive a Canberran winter on your bike: turn on your lights.

Australian law requires bikes to be fitted with a white light at the front, and a red light and reflector at the back when you ride in the dark – and during winter there are far more hours of dark to contend with. Make sure your lights are fully charged, and most importantly, turn them on before you set off.

We’re not asking you to wear high-vis. In fact, road rules in the ACT do not oblige riders to wear fluorescent clothing, and research shows it does not improve visibility at night. That being said, its a good idea to avoid dark colours.

Reflective clothing shows more promise – particularly if it is moving, so try reflective bands around your ankles while riding.

In the ACT we often have fog, frost and darkness to contend with while riding in winter, and if you can’t be seen on the roads or paths, you’re putting yourself in danger. Whether you are riding your bike, or driving your car in Canberra during winter, turn on your lights and make yourself visible.


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  1. Tim C 06/07/2017 at 5:16 PM - 

    The law requires not just any front and rear light – they must be visible from at least 200m. Many cyclists don’t seem to realise that, even though LEDs might be very efficient, the batteries still need changing/charging eventually. And pay attention to where your rear light is pointing – no one is going to see it if it’s on the top of your backpack (signalling aircraft?) or pointed down at your rear wheel!

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