September Social and Information Night

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When did Pedal Power actually begin? December 1975? January 1976? November 1976? July 1973? Who has contributed to the Pedal Power magazine for the longest period of time? How many pages of copy has the magazine produced? Who was the second paid advocate? How many rides has Pedal Power offered? Who was Trixie?

Over past year Bryan Kalms has been delving into the Pedal Power archive to see what dark secrets it contains. Spoiler, none. But it does contain a whole lot of interesting trivia as well as much information that accounts for why the organisation is the way it is, eg why ride leaders are now accredited. Actually, the history reveals that Pedal Power has had a profound impact on the physical design and psychology of Canberra.

To learn about our origins, what’s been achieved and generally what has happened in Pedal Power over the past 40 years, come along to Pedal Power’s next social night on 20 September when Bryan will reveal all. Bring your own questions-in-search-of-an-answer. The usual venue—Canberra Southern Cross Club in Woden—at the usual time—7:30pm. Join Bryan for dinner in the club beforehand to get a sneak peak (or is that a quiet word?) about what he’ll be saying.

Tuesday 20 September Social and Information Night, Southern Cross Club, Woden, 7:30 pm


More on our Social and Information Nights here.


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