Meet Craig: First-time 5-Peaker

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“I just love going up hills,” was Craig Greening’s response when we asked him why he’s entered this Sunday’s Rotary Rides 5 Peaks Challenge.

As it turns out he likes going down them too and recalls riding his bike as a kid and feeling a sensation “just like floating”.

Like many others who will take on Canberra’s five peaks this weekend – Mt Stromlo, Mt Pleasant, Red Hill, Mt Ainslie and Black Mountain – Craig rides his bike to work each day, cycling an average of 150km each week. He will often ride to the top of Black Mountain on his way home just to make his commute more interesting.

These days, he says, riding is more about transport and keeping fit. The challenge now is to “do the up hills quicker.”

Craig rides Mt Stromlo with friends most Thursdays mornings so, when he went out for a training ride last weekend, he focussed on Mt Pleasant, Red Hill and Mt Ainslie (which, he says, has never been his favourite) and then added Black Mountain just because he had the time.

Online entries for the 2014 Rotary Rides 5 Peaks Challenge close midnight Thursday. Enter now at

Photo: Black Mountain is one of Craig Greening's regular hill rides.


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