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The National Capital Authority is looking at the management and renewal of Kings and Commonwealth Avenues.  The Strategic Review covers the full length of these avenues, not just the bridges.  Access for people who ride bicycles is one issue being considered.

Pedal Power has made a submission to the Strategic Review which you can view here.

Following are a couple of quotes from the introductory section of the submission:

"We note that ACT government targets are for cycling mode share to rise to 7% of all trips by 2026 – almost tripling it. The mode share for pedestrians is planned to rise to 7% by 2026 (Transport for Canberra, 2012).

"In addition, one of the persistent comments regarding the introduction of pay parking in the parliamentary triangle was the absence of shops and other amenities for workers: Improving pedestrian and cycle access (and public transport access) along these avenues will mean that reaching Civic will be not only achievable without a car, but a pleasant lunchtime excursion."

"We support the provision of separated routes for people walking and for people cycling along the length of these Avenues. We particularly note the high level of congestion and conflict on the bridges; this will only intensify as the mode shift mentioned above takes place. Increased amenity for everyone using the bridges is of the highest importance and is already needed."

Public submissions closed on 28 June.


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