Submisssion to draft ACT City Plan

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800px-City_Centre_viewed_from_Mount_Ainslie_lookoutPedal Power ACT submitted comments on the draft ACT City Plan that is to focuses on the development of Civic and its surrounds – its role, transport, future growth and infrastructure improvement.

Unfortunately, the draft City Plan only mentions cycling in passing and is virtually silent on how cycling is to be encouraged. Most of the detailed analysis concentrates on the need to manage motor vehicle traffic and improve amenity for pedestrians.

Our submission concentrates on ensuring that cycling is included in making Civic a success and points out that many of the world’s most cosmopolitan and vibrant city centres have efficient sustainable transport systems including cycling and that a lively city centre needs people, but they need not only arrive by car, bus or light rail – far more people would visit or pass through Civic if cycling was encouraged.


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