Tell us where money should be spent to get more Canberrans on bikes

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Pedal Power ACT wants to know which cycling-related projects or initiatives the Canberra bike community want to see funded in the 2018/19 ACT Budget. We've created a quick survey to canvass opinion on what is most important to you as a bike rider.

This is an opportunity for the Pedal Power ACT community to help shape our priorities prior to the ACT Budget submission.

The survey only has two questions, so it shouldn't take you long at all.

The first question relates to cycling infrastructure - the built environment around the ACT that can make riding a bike easier and more pleasant. What do you think is more important - fixing missing links in the shared path infrastructure, town centre links, or separated infrastructure? Or is it making sure the existing path network is maintained?

Question two is about cycling culture, safety and promotion. Should the ACT Government be funding a campaign to raise awareness about sharing the road safely, or would money be better spent on an action plan to deliver a fully-separated cycle path network in Canberra, that properly links people to where they need to go? Or is there something else you think would be more effective to get more Canberrans riding bikes?

We think all of these issues are important - that's why we've included them in this survey.

Now it's your turn. Tell us what you think is most important to fund in the next ACT budget to get more Canberrans on bikes, more often - for a better community.

Take the survey now. 

This survey will be open until Thursday 19 October.


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