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Fitability Tandem Cycling, a program of Pedal Power ACT, is seeking a volunteer to organise tandem rides about one weekend a month (when convenient for you).

You will be sharing this task with other organisers and your volunteering will enable riders (tandem stokers) with vision impairment and other disabilities to ride with volunteer tandem pilots.

What a great way to share your love of cycling in your community and really make a difference!

This is a volunteer position that will help others in the Canberra cycling community before you even get near a bike.  It involves:

  • Using Fitability mailing lists to invite tandem pilots and stokers to ride on a weekend
  • Flexibly working out who could ride with who, when, where, and on what tandem bike.
  • Setting up Fitability tandem bikes for the riders (some riders have their own and don’t need setting up)
  • Arranging transport by other riders for anyone who needs assistance to get to the ride start and home again
  • Transporting tandem bikes to and from the ride start (racks can be provided by Fitability)
  • Assisting riders to get organised prior to the ride start and to pack up
  • If you wish, riding as a pilot with a tandem stoker on the ride (Fitability will provide training) or going along on a single bike

We are looking for a volunteer who is:

  • a confident cyclist who ideally would like to ride as a tandem pilot, or with the tandem riders on their single bike
  • has some basic skills and tools for bicycle maintenance (Fitability also has tools) – to be able to set up bikes to be comfortable for a range of riders and to spot mechanical problems that Fitability needs to get fixed
  • comfortable working by email, SMS and phone to organise rides
  • able to transport tandem bikes, by fitting Fitability supplied tandem roof rack, or back of car rack, or in a ute or trailer
  • has time and flexibility for the role – it involves some hours of work in the days before the ride to communicate with riders and ensure any bikes that are needed are ready, and at least one morning or afternoon on the chosen weekend to make the ride happen.

Please contact:

Lauren Brand
m. 0403 602577


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