Volunteer profile: Dudley Hall, Amy’s Big Canberra Bike Ride

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Dudley Hall

Dudley Hall has volunteered to help out with Amy’s Big Canberra Bike Ride for the last four years. He moved to Canberra five years ago and is looking for a full-time teaching position. While the search continues, he’s taking the opportunity to ride more. We asked him five key questions.

Why did you become a volunteer with Pedal Power?

I have a background in running events like Amy’s Big Canberra Bike Ride and I know how much organisers rely on volunteers. It’s all about making use of my skills and contributing to a great event and a great cause.

What’s the best part of the job?

I really enjoy working with a good bunch of people and being involved. I’ve had lots of different jobs at this event over the years. I’ve manned checkpoints, put up signage, been the sweeper or tail-end-Charlie, helped with registrations. It’s pretty easy once you start doing it and it’s rewarding.

If you could do one thing to make Canberra more cycle-friendly, what would it be?

I’d somehow get drivers to be more respectful. When I first arrived in Canberra from New Zealand five years ago I was riding through the city and someone threw something at me from a car. I couldn’t believe it. I think most drivers are very considerate here in Canberra but there are a few who need to realise they can hurt people doing crazy things like that. I drive too and it’s not that hard to share the road and not throw stuff out the window!

Describe what sort of a bike rider you are.

I ride for fitness and health. I used to run a lot but I find cycling is much kinder to my body. I generally ride about 50km a few times a week for fun and firtness. I’m doing relief and casual teaching and, depending on where I’m going, it’s often about a 30km return commute.

You have two hours to spare for a bike ride on a fine Canberra summer’s day. Where would you go?

I would probably ride from home (Farrer), do two laps around Lake Burley Griffin and then head home. That’s probably more than two hours but who cares?  I enjoy cycling around the lake. It’s really pretty, there’s loads to look at and I can get there and back on bike paths, crossing only a couple of roads. 


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