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Started your Fitz’s prep yet? Riding Mt Stromlo reps are a rite of passage for Canberra bike riders training for any big challenge.

The Stromlo community welcomes bike riders who would like to use the space.

The area past the boom gate is a campus of the Australian National University, housing the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics. The Heritage site is open 6am-6pm in the winter (due to dark and slippery road conditions) and 6am-8pm in the summer.

The Southern X Stromlo Café reopened last year and is a great opportunity for some coffee and refuelling after the gruelling climb. On weekends the café is open from 8.30am-4pm.

They recently let us know about some new water stations installed at the top of the mountain (pictured). Staying hydrated is important with such a big climb, so feel free to use them to fill your drink bottles.

The new boom gate has an intercom installed. In the case of an emergency, bike riders are able to use to contact security or emergency services.

Stromlo is also looking into shortening the exit boom gate to provide an easier on-road option for bike riders leaving the campus.

The campus has a speed limit of 40km (past the boom gate), with some 10km zones in the built up residential and high activity areas. The public Mt Stromlo Road is 60km. For the safety of all road users, the campus has been running an education campaign to ensure their staff and visitors in vehicles follow these road rules, and expect all other road users also follow these road rules in this area.

As bike riders know better than anyone, the road condition on the climb can be less than impressive. If bike riders want to see a smoother and safer riding surface, we highly recommend using the Access Canberra Fix My Street form to notify them of hazards on Mt Stromlo Road.

If you know of groups running events in the area – Stromlo wants to hear from you! They will know to expect increased traffic, make sure security knows there will be visitors in case of an emergency, and they can check it doesn’t clash with other events on the campus.

You can contact them at: ANU RSAA Operations (02 6125 8905) or ANU Security (61252249).


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  1. Peter Hopner 07/07/2017 at 8:28 AM - 

    Great news item and its good to know about the new water stations. After a nice little training climb I only ever used the water from tap poking out of the wall of the cafe building to fill up the bottles. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure if it was potable water, but with the tongue hanging out it really didn’t matter.

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