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“It’s me.”

No it isn’t those pesky fundraisers, a travel company trying to sell you a holiday, nor is it a mobile phone company wanting you to upgrade your plan. It’s the friendly Pedal Power ACT callers! And we need more callers to assist Pedal Power maintain its member services liaison.

Phone callers, and book editors are the two in-demand volunteer positions that Pedal Power ACT are calling for.

Member Services

Our member numbers doubled over 2014-2015. Word of mouth still drives the growth, but the publicly around bike riding insurance coverage produced a huge membership spike in November 2014. But now we can see these members retaining their membership through to 2016!

Membership graphThis is because we have a dedicated team who has been helping us maintain our database. We are eager to know why people joined, how they have found their membership, assist them with keeping their member record up to date, and even helping people renew over the phone if needed.

As one Member Services caller said to me “Pedal Power is a team, I’m helping out because I want to be part of the group.” Another said “I’ve rarely had a member who wasn’t happy to get a call, have a chat or offer their thanks for the work Pedal Power does.

It is only due to these conversations that we can understand why members continue to renew and find out if there are things they would change about our organisation.

Some conversation highlights include:

My insurance was limited with a racing club but a friend recommended Pedal Power to keep me and the family covered when riding on weekend. I’ve since learnt about the advocacy work and love it!

My main reason for joining is insurance coverage, but also please keep on championing the expansion of the cycling network!

I joined because I do big rides, and wanted to support a local group. It’s been great meeting lots of other cycling friends.

With nearly 7,000 members (and growing every day) we need your help staying in touch with our members!

If you want to work with our team to improve and promote Pedal Power membership benefits, have strong verbal communication skills and are willing to learn how our telephone, computer and renewal process works – then please send me an email membership@pedalpower.org.au !

Editor for History Project

An enthusiastic Pedal Power ACT volunteer has been reviewing the 40 year history of Pedal Power ACT and has collated some fantastic material outlining the tremendous work that our predecessors have undertaken. We are now looking for an editor and perhaps a graphic designer that may be able to get the document into a better form and closer to public consumption.

He is now at a position where the information has been gathered, the words have been set, the chapters are in a draft but formative stage and he needs some help from a skilled editor that could assist in bringing this together. With tens of thousands of words in the formative stage we are very keen to put the story and the information together in a package that can be best able to be enjoyed by the cycling community.

Are you such a person or do you know an editor that may be able to assist?

If you are interested in assisting in this area or have some skills as an editor, graphic designer or archivist that you might be able to bring to the project, please contact office@pedalpower.org.au


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