Where should ACT bike share be located?

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Pedal Power ACT and our members want to help the ACT Government achieve their vision of Canberra as Australia’s most walkable city and cycling capital, and bike share is an element that has been missing in Canberra – until now.

Bike share schemes are an effective part of transport systems in cities around the world, and the ACT Government is investigating how we can introduce one here in Canberra.

This short survey and interactive mapping tool provides an opportunity for Canberrans to let planners know where you would be most likely to use bike share facilities. It only takes a couple of minutes to pinpoint locations on the map, and tell the ACT Government where bike share would work best for your regular trips around Canberra.

Bike share can help ease traffic congestion and improve levels of physical activity, providing a way for people to get around cities using active travel.

The Government says that their key objectives of a bike share scheme are to:

  • create an image and brand for Canberra as the cycling capital, and as a liveable, innovative and dynamic city;
  • promote and normalise bike riding as a viable mode of transport for short journeys;
  • extend our public transport catchment and maximise integration with public transport;
  • improve levels of physical activity;
  • reduce the number of car trips being taken for short journeys;
  • ease traffic congestion;
  • create a safer road environment for all users;
  • reduce our carbon emissions; and
  • contribute to an increased share of journeys being undertaken by bike.

Have your say on where bike share would work for you by completing this quick survey.


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