Woden Interchange stairs and bike ramp

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The work on a new set of stairs and associated bike ramp at Woden bus interchange has finished, and the Pedal Power Advocacy Team is pleased with the results.

The Pedal Power Advocacy Team reports:

The bike ramp works well and there is an elevator that can accommodate bikes should you find pushing the bike up the stairs with loaded panniers too difficult.

The design and execution is high quality - the steps have a sculptural quality with the ends cantilevered over a garden bed running the length of the stairs.

The new installation between the bus interchange and the Woden town square replaces a horrible, dark, dangerous, pebble-crete construction from the 1960s.  It is most welcome especially as the rest of the inter-change renewal project is languishing.

Pedal Power's Advocacy Group was involved in the design of the bike ramp and pressed for the ramp to be moved out from the central handrail as far as possible to minimise the lean of the bike, and for the ramp to be flush with the pavement at the top and bottom.  The design was modified in response.  Leaning the bike is still necessary but the angle is acceptable.  The design also had to accommodate people using the handrail and to prevent bikes and skateboards to be ridden down the slope.

All in all, a satisfying project for Pedal Power Advocacy to be involved in.

If you want to learn more about Pedal Power's Advocacy work, or would like to join our team of volunteers, please send an email to Advocacy@pedalpower.org.au.



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