Woden Town Centre plans still lacking in active travel routes

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Pedal Power ACT  is disappointed that the latest plans for the Woden Town Centre fail to protect the walking and cycling routes identified in the master plan.

We are calling for revisions to the Woden plans to reflect the stated aim of the variations to the plans: that is, to encourage walking and cycling - including commuter cycling.

The draft variations to the Territory Plan - a legal document which must be followed when developments are undertaken - have been issued by the Government to reflect the findings of the master plans for Woden and Mawson that were finalised in 2015.  The variations to the Territory Plan are the next step in the process, and we expected that the draft variations would reflect the excellent recommendations in the master plans for cycling routes.  This would ensure that the routes were protected so that they would be built when funding was available.

The Woden and Mawson master plans do contain constructive proposals to improve walking and cycling up to the boundaries of the town centres, but the connections into and within the centres are lacking.

The plans identify significant changes to switch from the original car-centric plan of the 1960's to a more people-friendly environment thereby encouraging the use of public transport, walking and cycling. This is in line with the Government's active travel policy.

The master plans identify major routes (shared-use paths, separated cycle ways, on-road cycle lanes) to make walking and cycling to the major destinations convenient and safe.  Unfortunately, the failure to provide for the last 10% of trips (into and within town centres) discourages walking and cycling.

A new draft of plans for Mawson are better in that key pedestrian routes are maintained. Yet the plans fail to mention that these are also cycling routes.  They should be re-defined as shared paths as per the master plan.

Pedal Power ACT's advocacy team undertook close collaboration with the Woden Valley Community Council in making our submission. We believe it takes the community's needs into consideration, and promotes active travel to the benefit of the Woden and Mawson population.

Pedal Power ACT members who live in the Woden Valley can still make their own submissions regarding the Woden Town Centre masterplan, and we encourage those members with knowledge of the area to do so.

Have your say and help shape the future of your community.


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