Yabba.guru… A New Window Opens On Canberra Sport

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An exciting new addition to the Canberra sports media landscape has landed in our midst. It is free, accessible to all and just a mouse click away.

Yabba.guru is the creation of a group of passionate local enthusiasts, a website being trumpeted as a move to stem the outgoing tide of this city’s shrinking sports media outlets. Those familiar with the legend surrounding the 1930’s Sydney Cricket Ground barracker Yabba (aka Stephen Harold Gascoigne) will immediately recognise the name behind the site.

“We thought it fitting to name the website after someone whose reputation as a sports fan was akin to (Sir Donald) Bradman’s as a cricketer. He is as much a part of Australian folklore,” explained Abul Rizvi, a former ACT cricket representative and managing director of yabba.guru.

Recently launched, the site has won immediate approval from a wide range of ACT sports, particularly those at the grassroots level, who have encountered increasing difficulty in having their message heard. Veteran journalist Phil Lynch is a member of the Yabba team.

So how does this site have anything to do with Pedal Power? Discussions with Phil has identified that it does not need to be just sport – and cycling is a great example of how the recreation, cyclo-sportif and each brand of the competitive elements could combine to be part of the “cycling section” of the website with stories, challenges and results being collated in a central area.

It is feasible that stories surrounding the up-coming 5 Peaks Challenge, the Mother’s Day ride in Bunda St, the Dirt de Femme and the Junior and Women’s Tour could all be posted in the ensuing months.

“During the last thirty years there was a time when we had four commercial radio stations, each with their own sports journo, the ABC, three commercial TV stations with fully fledged newsrooms and the Canberra Times,” Lynch recalls. “Now that number has shrunk to just three outlets, WINTV, the ABC and the Canberra Times. Too many sports have been missing out.”

World track cycling champion Rebecca Wiasak has penned her own story on yabba.guru and it provides a great example of how someone with outstanding talent can fly under the radar when there are not enough people paying attention.

Amongst the aims of the Yabba crew is a plan to address gender inequality and provision of a voice for so-called “minor” sports.

If you like what you see on Yabba.Guru, then 'Like' them on Facebook or subscribe via their home page to the Yabba newsletter that will give you a regular update on new articles on the site and keep an eye out for cycling related articles!


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