Do you want a healthy, productive motivated workforce?

Healthy, productive employees are what every workplace is after.  Research shows time and again that fit and active employees are far more productive at work and less likely to suffer health issues than their sedentary colleagues.

If you want to your Canberran workforce to be fit and healthy then there is no better way than encouraging them to get on their bikes. Bike commuting and recreational riding are low-impact, time efficient ways to increase physical activity. Pedal Power ACT have trained staff and proven programmes that can help your organisation.

Make your workplace bike friendly

Do you want your staff feeling refreshed, alert and happy when they are at work. Well those are just some of the benefits that come from riding to work. And they are far more likely to work if they know they have somewhere to securely park their bike, store some spare clothes and get showered and changed. If you’d like some advice on what you can do to make your workplace more bike-friendly then consider getting Pedal Power ACT to conduct a Cycle Facilities Rating assessment. We’ll take a look at the facilities you currently have, give you an idea of how that rates and some ideas on how to make some improvements.

Look after your bike riding employees

If you want to make sure that you look after your bike riders, what better way to do it than make sure they are covered by insurance 24/7 whenever and wherever they are riding their bikes. If you become a corporate member of Pedal Power that is only one of the benefits your organisation will enjoy. You can also enjoy ….

Corporate membership

Encourage more staff to ride to work

There is nothing like seeing colleagues on bikes to encourage more of your staff to ride. But unless they happen to cross paths at the bike racks that rarely happens. So why not let Pedal Power ACT come and help you organise a series of lunchtime recreation rides. We can tailor a programme to suit your workplace, perhaps including some basic maintenance, some instruction on essential riding skills or an exploration of possible commuting routes.  The objective our lunchtime rides programme is get people out on the bike, build their confidence and enjoyment of riding, and hopefully encourage then to ride a little more often.

In addition to these possibilities we also organise a number of quality mass participation cycling events including; Big Canberra Bike Ride, Fitz’s Challenge, 5 Peaks Challenge and Centenary Trail Blaze. If you would be interested in in entering a corporate team in one of these events, or becoming involved as a sponsor we’d love to hear from you. We are also happy to run tailored events for workplaces or groups of workplaces. If you’d like to to know more contact