Recognition of cycle commuting as an environmentally friendly, efficient and healthy transport alternative is gaining momentum worldwide. Employess are more likely to embrace commuting to work by bicycle if there are adequate cycle parking spaces, security and change facilities upon their arrival at work.

Healthy, productive employees are what every workplace is after.  Research shows time and again that fit and active employees are far more productive at work and less likely to suffer health issues than their sedentary colleagues.

If you want to your Canberran workforce to be fit and healthy then there is no better way than encouraging them to get on their bikes. Bike commuting  and recreational riding are low-impact, time efficient ways to increase physical activity. Investing in cycling facilities for your staff may be the best investment your workplace makes.Not only will you improve the health, motivation and productivity of existing workers, you’re likely to attract new recruits with attributes as well.

As well as a rise in productivity and enthusiasm and a drop in absenteeism and lifestyle related disorders you can also:

  • Decreased traffic congestion around the workplace.
  • Increase punctuality – bikes have far more reliable door to door travel times than cars or public transport.
  • Decreased the need for parking spaces or parking allowances – 10 bikes can fit in the space of  one car
  • Reduce car fleet, taxi and petrol costs to the workplace.

In February 2013, Pedal Power ACT measured an increase in cycle commuter numbers during the annual cordon count (compared with previous years). However, as the profile of cycling continues to rise in Canberra, so too does the need for adequate end-of-trip facilities and to acknowledge the workplaces proactively encouraging their staff to actively commute to work.


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