The Cycle Facilities Rating Scheme has been developed by Pedal Power in association with GTA Consultants, one of Australia’s largest transportation consultancies. Whilst Pedal Power is the primary point of contact for the scheme, GTA will be working with the property and construction industry to have the facilities standards adopted as an integral part of workplace design.


To see a consistent, high level of facilities for all cyclists at all workplaces.

Mission & objectives

To highlight the need for high quality cycling facilities in workplaces to attract and reward active travel, cycle commuting, and cycle friendly workplaces.

The Assessment Process

STEP 1: Pre-Assessment

  • Pre-assessment consultation with workplace delegate
  • Workplace conducts simple online surveys (required prior to Assessment)

STEP 2: Assessment & Recognition

  • Cycle Facilities Assessment
  • Provision of a report outlining areas of improvement, suggestions for optimising your facilities, and contacts for service providers to assist you with these changes
  • A Cycle Facilities Rating

The Cycle Facilities Rating

The Cycle Facilities Rating will be provided in a range of printable formats.  There are many ways that you can use your Cycle Facilities Rating to promote your workplace.  Here are just a couple of ideas

  • In hardcopy at the workplace’s entrance, conference rooms, staff rooms or other meeting areas.
  • In electronic form as email signatures, website banners or other electronic media.
  • In welcome orientation packs for new employees.

Cycle Facilities Ratings remain current for 2 years unless an earlier re-assessment and update is requested by the workplace.

A necessity for encouraging cycle commuting

Recognition of cycle commuting as an environmentally friendly, efficient and healthy transport alternative is gaining momentum worldwide.  Research suggests that employees are more likely to embrace commuting to work by bicycle if there are adequate cycle parking spaces, security and change facilities upon their arrival at work.

In February 2013, Pedal Power ACT measured an increase in cycle commuter numbers during the annual cordon count (compared with previous years).  However, as the profile of cycling continues to rise in Canberra, so too does the need for adequate end-of-trip facilities and to acknowledge the workplaces proactively encouraging their staff to actively commute to work.

Cycling commuting: Directly benefiting the workforce

It is now common knowledge that employees who are healthy and active are far more productive at work than their sedentary colleagues.  With cycle commuting a low-impact, time efficient way to increase physical activity, investing in your cycling facilities for your staff may be the best investment your workplace makes:

  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Raise the health, moral and enthusiasm
  • Decrease lifestyle-related disorders

Further benefits to the workforce are:

  • Decreased traffic congestion around the workplace. Fostering cycling in the workplace is a way of promoting your organisation as an employee-friendly workplace that takes the environment seriously. Cycling just 10km each way to work instead of driving saves 1.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year (Bicycle Network Australia).
  • Decreased need for parking spaces as 10 bicycles can be parked in one car space. This can save hundreds of thousands of dollars as $25,000 to $30,000  is the average cost of building one car space in a multi-level complex.
  • Reduce car fleet, taxi and petrol costs to the workplace.

Breaking new ground: 2012 CFR Pilot Project

In 2012, Pedal Power was awarded a grant from ACT Health to support the development of a process to assess and rate the adequacy of cycling facilities in Canberra workplaces.  During the Pilot Project, Pedal Power, in partnership with GTA Consultants, identified that a lack of secure bike parking and change facilities could deter employees from cycling to work.

Eight workplaces of varying sizes participated in the 2012 Pilot Study.  Their involvement supported:

  • The establishment of standards for workplace cycling facilities
  • The identification of an assessment tool against these standards
    • The creation of a report to support the improvement of existing facilities
    • An award rating scheme to highlight those workplaces leading the way with exemplary cycling facilities

Pedal Power & GTA Consultants have established networks with cycling infrastructure and equipment service providers who can help workplaces to act on the report’s recommendations and improve the quality of their facilities for active employees, especially cyclists.


For more information on the scheme, costing, and to arrange an assessment contact us

If you are interested in becoming an assesor have a look here