The Fitability tandem cycling program is widely known throughout Canberra for the fantastic support given to vision impaired people, as well as people with other disabilities. The Fitability program has provided numerous opportunities to its members to:

  • Join relaxing Pedal Power weekend social rides and longer Wanderers rides
  • Meet up on their own time to ride together
  • Learn to pilot a tandem and borrow a Fitability bike so that a vision impaired cyclist can ride with their family or friends
  • Train and ride in events such as the Hartley Lifecare Cycle Challenge, the Big Canberra Bike Ride and Amy’s Rides, and the Fitz’s Challenge
  • Ride competitively, with local cycling clubs and with Australian representative teams

Fitability was established in 2001 by members of Females in Training and through an ACT Government grant. Fitability established a partnership with Pedal Power in 2006 to allow the program to expand.

This very successful program now includes men and women and younger people.

Fitability is now part of Pedal Power ACT and is proud to offer a range of activities for riders of all levels.  The inclusion of the Fitability program provides yet another opportunity for all Canberrans to get on their bike.

Find out more here:

And find out how you can get involved with supporting the program here.


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