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General Information On Country Riders

We are a group of riders who ride to the rules of the road, common sense and etiquette in the company of fellow riders and other road users.

We value the companionship and friendly conversation of our group, enjoyed in the open countryside as we pass bush, fields, wildlife, livestock, rivers and ranges, the road rolling on before us.

We drink in the warm aroma of a finely ground coffee, a deftly prepared cake or, just occasionally, a fine wine or beer as we pause for refreshment on our travels.

In essence, we ride to enjoy the open road, rather than as a training exercise; we seek variety, not seconds off an identical previous ride.  We may fit a swim, picnic, brunch or lunch into the ride, depending on the season and destination.

We are experienced enough to feel comfortable when vehicles pass us on the road and we have stamina enough to consider a 60-90 km ride a reasonable morning’s work.  We are comfortable cruising along between 21 and 24 km/hr (and more slowly up hills and faster down hills).

Our rides menu

  • All round the Capital Region, taking in towns and places such as Gundaroo, Gunning, Murrumbateman, Tidbinbilla and Tharwa on our Sunday rides.
  • Further afield, when we plan an excursion away, be it weekend or weekday, for example, around Braidwood, the South Coast, Goulburn, Gunning and Young.

When do we ride?

There may not be a ride every weekend – it depends in large part on the availability of ride leaders.

But when we plan a ride, count on our squeezing the maximum enjoyment from it.

Do you want to join in the crowd?  Send Teri an email and we will put you on our mailing list to let you know when a ride is coming up.
(Please consider Teri’s privacy and avoid calling just to ask ‘Is there a ride on Sunday?’  If there’s a ride coming up, rest assured we will advise you.)

Starting locations

Generally, for rides to—

  • the north and north-east, meet in the car park at DICKSON COLLEGE;
  • the north-west, meet in the car park in Gladstone Street, HALL, 50 m west of the Victoria Street intersection;
  • the south, meet at the Sea Scout Hall, Mortimer Lewis Drive, GREENWAY; and
  • to the west, meet in the car park at STROMLO FOREST PARK.

These starting points may be subject to variation notified in advance.

If it’s a ride starting somewhere outside the ACT, keep an eye on your email in-tray for details.

If you’re on our emailing list, you will be sure to be in the know.

Meeting and starting times

Ride starting locations, destinations and outlines, and starting times will be notified by email when the ride is announced.

We meet 15 minutes before the ride starting time, to ensure that all are signed on and announcements made, so that the ride can get away on time.

Generally, rides will start in the morning, mostly by 9 am, sometimes earlier, especially in hot weather; sometimes later, especially if we are meeting a distance from Canberra.


Contact the nominated leader if you have a query about a particular ride notified to you by email.

More details

Please be sure to wear a Standards-approved helmet and to bring water, at least 2 spare tyre tubes and a pump. Pedal Power Terms and Conditions apply.


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