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Pedal Power ACT (staff and volunteer members) conduct cycle rides and events to assist in enabling group cycling to continue as a pleasurable, safe and largely voluntary activity.

Guidance on organising, managing and leading rides and events is given in this section of the website.

There are three categories of Pedal Power ACT rides and events

  • Social day rides are a cycle rides that occur on one day only and are not classified as a ‘cycle special event’.
  • Cycle ride tours are multi-day cycle rides involving an overnight stay.
  • Cycle ride special events are planned cycling activities that are wholly or partly conducted on a road (or a road-related area such as car parks) requiring special traffic management arrangements (usually involves a large number of participants and/or spectators) that require approval from the appropriate authorities.

Documents for ride leaders

Links to ride leader documents for downloading are on a separate page

Pedal Power ACT accredits ride leaders

And requires anyone interested in leading rides to be accredited.

Where Pedal Power ACT has specific rules, or requirements for insurance and other purposes, they are published on this website. These include:

Leisure cycling is inherently safe and has a safety record that allows Pedal Power ACT and its volunteers to have very little to fear from threats of negligence or liability provide the ride ot event is conducted in an appropriate way.

To avoid legal claims when organising or conducting a ride or event:

  • Ensure you are a Pedal Power ACT accredited ride leader
  • Be well organised, supportive and structured
  • Follow the guidelines given on this website
  • Present yourself in a way that shows that you (and Pedal Power ACT) are not negligent in your approach to safety and quality issues.

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Last modified JW 17 August 2013


Submit an event

Pedal Power ACT accepts event submissions for display on our calendar if it meets required standards.

To submit your event for consideration, please fill out Pedal Power ACT's event submission form.

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