Pedal Power advertises its rides in the events calendar and details of rides in that calendar are included in the Canberra Cyclist magazine and the eBulletin.

Others usually advertise regular Pedal Power rides in a standard format (for the particular ride). The ride leader normally only needs to change the ride leader, contact, route and destination that may be included in the advertisement. Get changes made to the web site notice by emailing details to the calendar manager.

On this page:

Add ride to the events calendar

The ride proponent (leader) enters the ride details via ‘submit a ride or event’.
Send photos and attachments for inclusion with the ride details to the rides and events coordinator.

The event details should include (as appropriate as not all rides need every detail):

  • a brief description of the ride including any key aspects or theme
  • distance of ride and subsections—if not sure, say ‘no more than …’
  • the likely speed of the ride (give a range or minimum average)
  • route description, cue sheet or map (in content or as attachment)
  • route profile—description of terrain or profile image (in content or as attachment)
  • rate the ride in the grading system (note that the events coordinator enters the grading)
  • location of water and food (and toilets) along the route
  • because the majority of rides offer some opportunity to buy refreshments, specifically indicate if this is not the case
  • road surface types, sealed, unsealed (describe surface condition expected), off-road
  • type of bikes considered adequate for the ride (particularly if off-road)
  • any particular requirements, eg, lights, additional water
  • an estimated duration or finish time (and if appropriate, the likely speed of the riders)
  • description of any support provided or include the words ‘this ride is ‘unsupported’ and riders are to be self sufficient and provide their own water, food, tools, pump, spares (spokes, tubes, etc.), puncture repair kits, and whatever else they desire and there is no ‘sag wagon’ or equivalent’.

The rides and events coordinator:

  • checks submitted rides to ensure that they are appropriate and completely described and do not clash with other similar rides or events
  • contacts the person who submitted the ride additional information (if required)
  • grades the ride in accordance with Pedal Power’s ‘rides grading system’
  • approves rides – before they are displayed on the website.

Magazine rides and events calendar

Details of approved rides, from the website calendar, are included in the Rides and Events Calendar in each edition of the Canberra Cyclist magazine. The magazine is published every second month and normally includes the rides and event for the forthcoming two months plus a week or two.

To get a ride into a magazine specific issue,  ‘submit a ride or event’ to the calendar before:

  • mid-January for February – March issue
  • mid-March for April – May issue
  • mid-May for June – July issue
  • mid-July for August – September
  • mid-September for October – November issue
  • mid-November for December – January issue

eBulletin rides calendar

Details of approved rides, from the website calendar, are included in the Pedal Power eBulletin.

The bulletin is published every fortnight and normally includes the rides and event for the forthcoming two to three weeks.

To get a special mention in the eBulletin, send short and snappy details to the eBulletin editor.


Submit an event

Pedal Power ACT accepts event submissions for display on our calendar if it meets required standards.

To submit your event for consideration, please fill out Pedal Power ACT's event submission form.

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