Incidents requiring attention can occur during a social ride, cycle tour or cycle special event or during any other activity.

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Report incidents using the Pedal Power ACT incident report form:

If an incident occurs during a cycle ride, make a record of what occurred (preferably on the Pedal Power ACT incident report form) and send it to the Pedal Power ACT office (attention Executive Officer).

The Pedal Power ACT incident report form report form records:

  • ride leader name
  • name and date of the ride and time and location of the incident
  • people involved in incident
  • witnesses to incident
  • what happened
  • statements from witnesses.

In case of an incident, do not admit any liability to anyone.

In the event that a car crash has occurred as part of the incident, you can report the crash to the ACT Government and submit a crash report to the Australian Federal Police.

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Types of incidents

Minor incidents can be handled on the spot with no subsequent consequences likely.

Serious incidents, involves a serious injury to a rider or other person and/or significant damage to property and/or involves a third party (eg, a motor vehicle driver or pedestrian) and often involves the attendance of an ambulance or the police, and requires a written report.

Other incidents, that should be reported, include serious altercations, accusations of discrimination, child abuse and other incidents that may have serious repercussions.

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Ensure you are covered by the Pedal Power ACT insurance

Pedal Power ACT insurance policies require that if Pedal Power ACT (including a ride leader or other officer or volunteer) becomes aware of ‘a situation which lead to a loss or claim’ (crash, fight, etc) then we must notify the insurer ‘as soon as possible and provide them with all reasonable information and assistance’.

Submitting a completed Pedal Power ACT incident report form, to the Pedal Power ACT office (attention Executive Officer), will result in a notification to the insurer.

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ACT Work Health and Safety Act requirements

The ACT Work Health and Safety Act requires the regulator (WorkSafe ACT) to be notified of certain ‘notifiable incidents’.

A ‘notifiable incident’ as outlined in the Work Health and Safety Act is:

  • the death of a person
  • a ‘serious injury or illness’, or
  • a ‘dangerous incident’

arising out of work carried out by a business or undertaking or a workplace.

Normally, Pedal Power ACT rides and events are not carried out by a ‘business or undertaking or a workplace’.

However, in the case an incident resulting in a serious injury or death, the Executive Officer may advise the regulator.

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Last modified JW 3 February 2013


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