Pedal Power ACT requires all ride leaders to be accredited and financial members of Pedal Power ACT. This is to assist with ensuring ride leaders are competent, having well run cycle rides, and to mitigate risk (to Pedal Power ACT, the ride leader and ride leader assistants).

Want to become a ride leader?  Email us or the Ride Leader Registrar.

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 Ride leader assessment procedure

  • The candidate ride leader advises Pedal Power that they would like to be accredited.
  •  Ride Leader Registrar liaises with the candidate ride leader.
  • The candidate reads and understands the current Pedal Power ACT requirements and guidance for conducting rides (as give on this website)
  • The candidate ride leader understand the current Pedal Power ACT accident insurance cover (as give on this website)
  • The candidate ride leader understands the Pedal Power ACT requirements for handling incidents during a cycle ride (as give on this website)
  • The candidate ride leader, under guidance of an accredited ride leader, leads and/or assists in leading at least three Pedal Power ACT cycle rides. This requirement can be wavered for a candidate ride leader who has previously led numerous cycle rides.
  • When the candidate ride leader wants to be accredited, they advise the Ride Leader Registrar and nominate a date to lead a cycle ride for the purposes of checking.
  • The Ride Leader Registrar finds two assessors (accredited ride leaders) and apprises them of the candidate ride leader and the details of the proposed accreditation cycle ride.
  • The assessors assess the candidate ride leader in accordance with the Pedal Power ACT ride leader assessment procedure (as given below).
  • The assessors advise the candidate ride leader and the Ride Leader Registrar on the outcome of the assessment.
  • If acceptable, the assessors recommend accreditation of the candidate ride leader as a Pedal Power ACT ride leader.
  • The Ride Leader Registrar adds the accredited ride leader to the list of accredited ride leaders (give below).
  • It the assessors recommend against accreditation of the candidate ride leader, then the Ride Leader Registrar discusses with the candidate the reasons why they were not recommended, and the need for more experience before another assessment.

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Ride leader re-assessment procedure

Ride leaders as are accredited by Pedal Power ACT for a three year period. After that time, if the ride leader wished to remain accredited, they are re-assessed, and if found satisfactory, accredited for another three year period.

The re-assessment process checks that the ride leader, as outlined in the Ride Leader Re-assessment Form:

If the re-assessment shows that the ride leader should be re-accreditation as a Pedal Power ACT ride leader, then the Ride Leader Registrar extends the ride leader’s accreditation for a further three years on the list of accredited ride leaders.

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Ride leader assessment criteria

  1. Evidence of having read and understand the Pedal Power ACT requirements and guidance for leading and running cycle rides (as given on this website).
  2. Evidence of successfully leading rides, under supervision.
  3. Developing criteria and requirements for a ride (taking into account Pedal Power’s requirements).
  4. Preparing a notice for a ride for the Pedal Power ACT web site and Pedal Power ACT ride calendar (including all Pedal Power ACT’s requirements).
  5. Preparing an appropriate cue sheet and/or map for a ride.
  6. Briefing ride participants at start of a ride (based on the Pedal Power ACT requirements).
  7. Having participants sign on before a ride (using Pedal Power’s sign on sheet).
  8. Leading a ride effectively (as assessed on a standard Pedal Power ACT ride).
  9. Presenting a calming and competent demeanor during a ride.
  10. Managing experienced, weaker and/or inexperienced riders during a ride (grouping riders, using tail end riders, shepherding riders, etc.
  11. Handling stragglers effectively during a ride.
  12. Determining appropriate regrouping locations during a ride (as appropriate to the grade and standard of participants).
  13. Regrouping throughout a ride (as appropriate to the grade and standard of participants).
  14. Keeping account of all participants and take appropriate steps to find any missing participants while still managing the remainder of the group.
  15. Deciding, when appropriate, whether the ride should continue or be cancelled depending on conditions and events.
  16. Keeping account of all participants at regrouping points and take appropriate steps to find any missing participants while still managing the ride.
  17. Administering or managing basic first aid when required on a ride.
  18. Providing or arranging for minor mechanical assistance for participants on a ride.
  19. Describing the next section of the ride, navigation requirements, hazards and regrouping point during a ride.
  20. Using participants, from the front of the ride group, as ‘signposts’ for other participants where appropriate on a ride.
  21. Managing riders leaving a ride early (before the finish).
  22. Managing all incidents and emergencies on a ride.

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Accredited ride leaders

Pedal Power ACT accredits members to be:

This listing of accredited people is maintained by the Ride Leader Registrar.

Ride leaders, cycle ride tour organisers and cycle-ride event must remain as Pedal Power ACT members to retain insurance and other cover from Pedal Power ACT.

Ride leader Original accreditation Re-accredited
Surname First name Accredited for Date Expires Expires Expires Expires
Baron Phil day, tour 15/05/10 14/05/13 14/09/16 14/09/19
Bell Harvey day 04/04/10 03/04/13 09/02/16 09/02/19 17/01/22
Boston Kate day 03/05/15 03/05/18 20/5/2021
Boyd Gillian day 09/06/14 09/06/17  09/06/20
Braund Michael day 15/08/10 15/08/13 13/08/17 13/08/20
Brumfield David day 18/11/12 17/11/15 15/03/19
Brunton Mary day, tour 01/11/11 04/11/14 08/11/17  08/11/20
Burton Paul day 22/09/16 21/09/19
Bush Richard day, tour 24/05/10 23/05/13 23/05/16 23/05/19
Catchpole Ted day 24/06/18 23/06/21
Chopra Prame day 30/05/10 29/05/13 29/05/16  29/05/19
Cibiras Tony day 24/05/15 23/05/18  23/05/21
Clarke Bronwyn day 14/12/2014 14/12/17
Cleaver Jenny day, tour 01/11/11 01/11/14 02/10/18 25/08/21
Colless Gamini Day 10/11/18 9/11/21
Collins Mark day 26/05/16 25/05/19
Day Amanda day 24/06/17 23/06/20
Deakin Vicki day 23/01/12 23/01/15 23/01/18  15/11/18
Donaldson Andrew day 15/05/16 14/04/19
Driver Rod day 11/04/10 10/04/13 10/04/16 10/04/19
Dupont Rosemary day, tour 21/12/15 20/12/18 06/02/22
Edwards Betty day 24/02/12
Felbermayer Carol day 04/12/11 02/12/14 22/04/18  20/4/21
Fleming Sean day 04/11/17 03/11/20
Frawley Kevin day 12/09/16 12/09/19
Furlonger Leigh day 12/10/11 11/10/14 11/10/17 11/10/20
Gamble Peter tour 22/04/10 21/04/13 12/05/16 12/05/19
Goadby Warren day 03/02/19 03/02/22
Gogley Mark day 23/07/17 22/07/20
Harper Ros day 07/06/13 07/06/16 07/06/19
Hall David day 01/02/15 31/01/18
Hermann Maurice day 18/05/14 17/05/17  17/05/20
Hobbs Adrian day 17/08/12 16/08/15 16/08/18  06/09/21
Hobbs Teri day 30/08/12 29/08/15 29/08/18 13/9/21
Hotchkiss Ian day 20/01/14 20/01/17  20/01/20
Huckstepp Madeleine day 30/09/11 28/09/14 16/05/18  28/9/18
Ibbotson Jeff day 13/02/10 12/02/13 12/02/16 12/02/19
Igoe-Taylor Peter day 30/11/14 29/11/17
Jolly Ian day 13/12/15 12/12/18
Kalms Bryan day 07/04/14 06/04/17 06/04/20
Kirk Phil day 21/05/10 20/05/13 20/05/16
Korn Terry day 03/06/21
Lake Sue day 01/12/15 30/11/18 25/01/22
Larque Chris Day 15/06/16 14/06/19
Laugeson Colleen Day 13/08/16 13/08/19
Le Mesurier Peter day, tour 15/09/10 14/09/13 14/09/16  14/09/19
Lee Lawrie day, tour 10/05/10 09/05/13 09/05/16  09/05/19
Leyder Danièle day 12/01/17 11/01/20
Mann Chris day, tour 30/04/10 29/04/13 29/04/16
Marinov John day 02/09/18 02/09/21
McCarthy Paul day 26/11/14 25/11/17  17/1/21
McDevitt Annie day, tour 16/05/10 15/05/13 15/05/16  15/05/19
McRae Jon day, tour 01/10/14 30/09/17  30/09/20
Menzies Edwina day 15/04/15 14/04/18
Meibusch Peter day 06/02/22
Ng Maria day 01/04/13 01/04/16
Paine Bruce day 24/03/17 23/03/20
Pang Wendy day, tour 13/05/13 13/05/16  13/05/19 22/02/22
Pelikan Karel day 16/03/13 15/03/16  15/03/19
Peter Meibusch day 13/02/2019 12/02/2022
Price Liam day 04/08/13 04/08/16  17/2/20
Reis Chris day 16/04/15 15/04/18
Rodgers Bryan day 04/12/14 03/12/17
Rodgers Jeff day 19/06/10 18/06/13 10/06/16  11/02/20
Rogers Jeanette day 10/09/16 09/09/19
Shaw Steve day, tour 19/04/14 19/04/17  19/04/20
Stevenson Peter tour 13/11/10 12/11/13 12/11/16  26/11/19
Studman Brian day 01/12/16 30/11/19
Studman Wendy day 12/02/17 11/02/20
Synnott Derek day 10/05/10 09/05/13 09/05/16 09/06/19
Taylor Carol day 02/10/10 01/10/13 02/10/16  02/10/19
Tedder Peter day 03/12/16 03/12/19
Thompson Chris day 06/08/17 05/08/20
Thompson David day 14/05/16 13/05/19
van de Meene John day 02/11/18 01/11/21
Walter Elizabeth day 10/08/16 09/08/19
Watson Terry day 28/02/16 27/02/19
Welch David day 14/08/16 13/08/19
Westerhuis Sep day 02/04/10 01/04/13 01/04/16 07/09/19
Whitsed Sam day 09/12/18 08/12/21
Widdup John day, tour, event 13/02/10 12/02/13 12/02/16 12/02/19
Widdup Julia day 13/02/10 12/02/13 12/02/16 12/02/19
Woods Trish day, tour 13/05/13 13/05/16 13/05/19
Young Kim day 22/05/10 21/05/13 21/04/16  26/09/19

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Last modified JW 15 June 2016