Wanderers 23 – A new Sunday Wanderers group!

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On a Sunday Wander in Winter

From Sunday 14 February, there will be another Sunday Wanderers group, riding at an average speed of about 23 kph for distances of 60 – 80 km, with a longer ride once a month.  These distances will enable the group to go out of Canberra and ride on country roads at a moderate pace.  This group will be ideal for those training to do some touring or to build up to longer or faster rides and will provide a bridge between First Wanderers and Intermediate Wanderers.

Riders who average between 21 and 25 kph will be catered for in this group with faster riders happy to re-group at various points along the way so slower riders can catch up and have a breather before the groups continues on.

Initially, the starting time for the rides will be 8.00 am and will be from Dickson College car park and once a month from Tuggeranong College car park.  The starting place may vary as the leaders find new routes to explore and there is the possibility of starting earlier next summer.

If you would like to join this group and receive a weekly email notifying you of the ride for the following Sunday, please email wanderers23@pedalpower.org.au.


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