The Pedal Power constitution, AGM minutes, annual and financial reports can be viewed below: 

Pedal Power constitution or rules.

Governance Documents
2019 AGM
The 2019 AGM was held on 19 March. Minutes will be ratified at the 2020 AGM.2018 Financial report
2018 Annual report
2018 AGM
2018 Minutes
2017 Annual Report
2017 Financial Report
2017 AGM
2017 Meeting Minutes
2016 Annual Report

Join the board

We encourage all Pedal Power members to consider joining the board so that they can have a role in the leadership of our organisation. We particularly welcome nominations from women and those with skills and experience in finance, communications and community engagement. Nominations open in December each year, with elections at the AGM in March.

Nominate for the board

For more information about a role on the board contact our President

Contact board

Electing the board

The board is elected by our members at the Annual General Meeting in March and is made of up to 13 members:  

  • the President, one or two Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and up to five others, all of whom must be Pedal Power members  
  • up to three others, who may or may not be Pedal Power members, if co-opted by the board.

Board members serve for a term of two years, with half the positions being open for election each year. Nominations are called for each December for election at the AGM the following March. At the AGM votes are held for: 

  • five members to serve for two years
  • members to serve for one year to replace any member who may have resigned before completing their term 
  • the position of President for a term of one year. 

All members of Pedal Power can vote in board elections, either in person at the AGM or by proxyProxy forms must be lodged at least two days before the AGM, or given to another member to submit at the AGM.

Any motions for inclusion in the agenda must be provided at least 28 days prior to the AGM so that members can be notified. 

After the AGM the board determines which of its members will fill the positions of Vice President (up to two), Secretary & Treasurer, each for a term of one year.