2021 Annual General Meeting

Pedal Power ACT Inc. annual general meeting will be held on Tuesday 16 March 2021 at the Southern Cross Club in Woden, commencing at 7.30pm.


Pedal Power ACT Governance Documents
Pedal Power Strategic Plan 2019-2021Current Strategic Plan
2021 AGM - Tuesday 16 March 2021 at the Southern Cross Club in Woden commencing at 7:30 pm
2021 AGM Agenda
2020 Annual Report
2021 AGM Proxy Voting Form
2020 Audited Financial Statements
2020 AGM2020 AGM Draft Minutes
2019 Annual Report
2020 AGM Agenda
2019 Financial Statements
The 2019 AGM was held on 19 March. Minutes will be ratified at the 2020 AGM.2018 Financial report
2018 Annual report

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Electing the board

The board is elected by our members at the Annual General Meeting in March and is made of up to 6 members. 

At the 2021 AGM, the Members will elect two Board members to serve a term of one year; two Board members to serve a term of two years; and two Board members to serve a term of three years.

Following the election of Board members at the AGM, the Members are to elect one of the elected Board members as President for a term of one year.

At the first Board meeting after the AGM the Board will appoint from among its members the following officers: Secretary and Treasurer.

All members of Pedal Power can vote in board elections, either in person at the AGM or by proxyProxy Form will be available on this webpage once the meeting agenda has been published.  Proxy Forms must be lodged at least two days before the AGM, or given to another member to submit at the AGM.

Any motions for inclusion in the agenda must be provided at least 28 days prior to the AGM so that members can be notified.