2020 ACT Election

Now is the time for the ACT to have a government that encourages and supports Canberrans to use bicycles for transport and recreation.

The benefits of cycling are clear: cycling improves health and wellbeing; it eases congestion; it saves money; and it produces no greenhouse gas emissions. When more people cycle our economy benefits, our environment benefits, all road users benefit, and our community benefits.   

Climate change is forcing us to find alternatives to private car travel and now COVID is forcing us to final alternatives to Public Transport. So, we need to do all we can to make it easier for people to travel by bike.

Pedal Power ACT has called on all candidates in the 2020 ACT Election to support cycling in Canberra for transport and recreation. We have sort commitments from the various parties that address six actions (outlined below) that will improve cycling and make Canberra a better place to live.

These are their policy responses –

ACT Greens

ACT Labor – 

Canberra Liberals – 

Belco Party – 

Bruce Paine Independent for Kurrajong – 

Canberra Progressives – 

Community Action Party

David Pollard Independent for Yerrabi-

Sustainable Australia Party


1. Path maintenance

We need a government who will commit to implementing a systemic program of path maintenance

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2. Safe, direct, separated cycleways

We need a government who will commit to building a safe, direct, separated cycleway commuter network

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3. Double the numbers commuting by bike

We need a government who aims to double commuting by bike by 2025

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4. Inspire & encourage more people to ride

We need a government who will encourage more people to ride

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5. Improve rider safety

We need a government who will make the necessary change to enhance the safety of bike riders

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6. Promote cycle tourism

We need a government who wants to make Canberra a cycle tourism mecha

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