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Advocating for your issue

If you want to see improvements for cycling, don’t be afraid to go straight to the top!

The ACT is a small jurisdiction and Members of the Legislative Assembly can be relatively accessible. Your representation can make a real difference to outcomes for cycling.

Here are some tips for writing to an MLA:

  • Get to know your MLAs. The ACT Legislative Assembly website lists the MLAs and how to contact them.
  • Make sure you check details as MLAs and their portfolios can change.
  • Focus on the Minister responsible. Check the details as portfolios are complex and can change – we might have different Ministers for Road Safety, Roads, Transport Planning.
  • Write to all parties. Backbench, opposition and cross bench MLAs may take up the issue with government on your behalf, particularly if it relates to their electorate or portfolio.
  • When writing to government ministers, refer to the relevant policies which support cycling (e.g. Transport for Canberra, Vision Zero Road Safety, Healthy Weight Initiative.)
  • Be constructive. Politicians get a lot of negative feedback! Rational and well-argued representation will have a better chance of a positive response.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Attach a photo to make it clear what the problem is
  • Be concise. Politicians get a lot of correspondence and brevity will help yours stand out from the crowd.
  • Be professional. Provide your name and contact details to ensure a reply.

Advocacy resources

Looking for help to advocate for better cycling facilities in your community? Here are some useful resources to get you started:

Transport planning

Planning for a sustainable city – towards 2030, looking to 2060 (ACTPLA)

Transport for Canberra – transport for a sustainable city 2012 – 2031 – ACT Government March 2012

Transport planningTransport for Canberra

Transport Canberra

Active Travel Framework

ACT On-Road Cycling Policy:

ACT Pedestrian and Cycling Main Routes Network 

Pay Parking in the town centres 

ACT Bicycle Parking Guidelines –

ACT register of planning guidelines (ACTPLA) –

Australian National Cycling Strategy 2011-16

National Cycling Participation Survey


Road safety

ACT road safety strategies and action plans

ACT Road Safety Action Plan 2011-2013 (PDF 1,457Kb )

National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020.

ACT Trunk Road Infrastructure Standard – No.04 Road Safety

Planning and design 

ACT planning strategy

The Canberra Plan 

Canberra Spatial Plan 

National Capital Plan 

The Territory Plan 

AP2 – A new climate change strategy and action plan for the Australian Capital Territory (2012) 

Zero Net Emissions

ACT Design Standards for Urban Infrastructure –MIS05

Planning for Active Travel in the ACT