What we do

We work to improve outcomes for cycling by:

  • putting forward cost-effective solutions to get the most people cycling
  • advocating for the right facilities in the right locations
  • promoting the many positive benefits that cycling brings to the broader community
  • building positive relationships with key decision makers
  • working with allies in the community and business sectors to promote cycling
  • being reliable and maintaining integrity. Our credibility depends on us being accurate and factual.

Our Advocacy Team is constantly at work analysing, evaluating and responding to development proposals and planning documents from a cycling perspective. We work directly with the ACT Government to advocate for the best outcomes for cycling through:

  • the Bicycle Advisory Group
  • the Active Travel Advisory Group
  • meeting frequently with senior government officials, Ministers, and MLAs.

We are regularly called upon for advice on how proposals will impact cycling and are known and respected for the quality and consistency of our submissions.

What are we working on?

We are currently looking at the plans for the proposed Belconnen bikeway. Contact us if you'd like to get involved.

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Our submissions

Here are some recent examples of our work: