Monaro Highway separated cycleway – Pedal Power met with designers several months ago. There are plans for a separated cycleway from Isabella Drive in the south to Canberra Avenue in the north. This project would be a real coup for the southside, and we are hoping to see some federal and local dollars assigned to it soon.

A safe crossing for Athllon Drive – We are pleased that a new underpass will be constructed beneath Sulwood Drive, on the C4 Cycle route, City to Tuggeranong via Woden. This is a well-used path for commuters, recreation riders and cycling to schools and will replace an on-road crossing near the large Sulwood Rd/Athllon Dr roundabout. It will also provide a safe connection from the C4 path to the new Sulwood Drive path, which is currently in consultation phase. Pedal Power has long advocated for a safe crossing at this location.

Removal of banana rails – dangerous banana rails have been removed from the Lake Tuggeranong path, as part of resurfacing work there. This photo was snapped by Pedal Power advocate Harvey Bell on the east side of the lake near the Soward Way Bridge.

Pedal Power has long advocated for banana rails to be removed across Canberra as they present a serious safety hazard for bike riders. We’re delighted to see these ones removed.

New separated cycleway for Tuggeranong Town Centre – construction is underway of the Reed St North separated cycleway! This is on the south side of Reed St North. More good news is that these are at road level, not footpath level, helping keep a safe separation between cars, bike riders, and pedestrians.

The Reed St separated cycle way links to a narrow footpath on Soward Way which is part of the Community path beside Erindale Drive. This section of path is currently being removed and replaced with a wider path to match the rest of the Erindale Dr path.

The work includes removing existing refuges with centre islands, and adding zebra crossings at new locations. This is the next stage of the Tuggeranong Active Travel upgrade project.

Lake Tuggeranong improvements – Resurfacing of paths in Tuggeranong have been carried out including Soward Way and Athllon Drive. Bollards have been erected to stop cars crossing the Lakeside path and parking under Soward Way Bridge.