Garden City Cycle Route – funding has been announced to begin the design and planning for this cycleway. When complete, it will connect Watson to Braddon via Dickson.

Menindee Drive path – is nearing completion. It is expected to be open by summer and will enhance the Lake Burley Griffin ride.

Acton Waterfront – the present plan is for there to be a low speed, multi -use recreational path along the shoreline of the reclaimed area, broadly similar to the path between the Carillon and Commonwealth Park. A new principal route path will route further north, away from the waterfront to reconnect with the existing Lake Burley Griffin principal route west of Commonwealth Avenue Bridge at Henry Rolland Park. The biggest challenge right now will be the design of the T junction between the new slow, recreational path and the new, high speed principal route at the north end of the reclaimed area. Pedal Power has provided detailed input into the design of the built safety features at this junction. 

Lonsdale Street improvements – We made a detailed submission to the public consultation conducted by the Capital Renewal Authority on these improvements. The CRA has recently advised that our submissions will not be adopted.

Morriset Road extension (and extension and dual-carriageway from Mitchell to Federal Highway at the Antill Street roundabout) – we provided feedback to TCCS on the preliminary design in respect of speed limits, shoulder width, path width, crossings, continuation of the cycle lanes along the Federal Highway (preferably under the Morriset Road extension) and the integration with cycling facilities along Antill Street and connections to the Garden City route.

De Burgh Street, Lyneham – We requested it becomes an active travel street to better accommodate all users when the additional apartments along Northbourne Avenue and De Burgh Street are constructed. TCCS agreed and we are expecting to hear details soon. Concurrently we are lobbying for Moore and Forbes Streets, that connect De Burgh Street with Civic, to also become active travel streets to produce an alternative cycling route to the west of Northbourne Avenue.

Northbourne Avenue separated cycle lanes – the recent resurfacing of the north bound lane on Northbourne Avenue was a lost opportunity to have the off-road cycle paths constructed. The cycle-only paths on each side of Northbourne Avenue will not be forgotten but are now in our long-term plan.

Northbourne Avenue light rail crossings – Many members and other consider these crossing unsatisfactory. And we are in ongoing discussions with TCCS to try and get improvements.

Light rail Stage 2A (This is from the Alinga Street station to near Commonwealth Avenue Bridge) – We are in close contact with the Major Project Group (who are responsible for the light rail development) and are working to get the best possible cycling infrastructure along the whole route. Along Commonwealth Avenue, where we are lobbying for separated cycle paths, there is some integration required with the West Basin development.

Light Rail Stage 2B (from Commonwealth Park to Woden) – we are lobbying for separate cycle paths along the whole route to be constructed at the beginning of the works to ensure that people riding bikes can make the trip clear of any construction activities and to complete a very important missing link in the path network. The Labor election commitment included a feasibility study to investigate the provision of these paths. The Major Project Group (responsible for the light rail development) are in agreement with us so we will be following up as things progress.

Kingston Foreshore – Kings Avenue Bridge to Fyshwick path, part of principal cycle route C-2, design is currently being developed and we are closely involved in the detail. This includes along Eastlake Parade a separated cycle lane that we are not likely to see for some time in the distant future.

Campbell shops upgrade – Following our input into this project, funding has been announced and public consultations are now underway. 

Telopea Park concept design – We gave our views and preferences on the proposal to TCCS and in particular expressed our preferences in respect to people riding bikes in the area including that the development include an on-road cycle lane down the Telopea Park East side of the Park rather than a shared path within the Park.

Australian War Memorial development – We provided the NCA with comments on the temporary traffic management arrangements on Treloar Crescent and elsewhere around the works.

Road crossings on principal cycle routes (Those now marked a C1 to C 9) – We are lobbying for all the crossings on these routes to give priority to path users with either a signal-controlled crossing, a raised crossing or a zebra crossing and TCCS agrees with that objective. Our current priority crossings is on C3 where it crosses Miller Street near the junction with MacArthur Avenue;

Wendouree Drive new path (that is the road beside the hospice) – A new path is being constructed to the north of Wendouree Drive, parallel to Parkes Way, to remove a missing like in the around the Lake Burley Griffin path that includes a raised priority crossing on Wendouree Drive. We have been lobbying for many years to have this missing link removed and we involved in the design outcome.

Woolley Street Dickson – we, and many others, reviewed and give feedback on a proposed design concept for streetscape upgrades to the City Renewal Authority. In respect to people walking and riding bikes in the area, The Authority has agreed to: Make active travel a priority the length of Woolley Street (rather than only in the plaza and entry areas); maintain the local cycling access route along the northern side of the Street; introduce traffic calming measures on the Street; and create a safer environment for cycling through the Street.

Path asphalt overlays – many kilometres of existing paths have recently received asphalt overlays that have produced smooth surfaces, much to the delight of people riding bikes.