Woden Town Centre bikeway – the long-awaited Woden Town Centre bikeway is nearing completion. The $3.5m project runs along Furzer and Corinna Streets from Launceston St to Callum St and embraces the western and southern sides of the town centre linking to major destinations. The project involved retrofitting a two-way bike path into a busy precinct where no facilities previously exist. It will take time for all road and path users to get used to the new arrangments. 

Devonport St separated bike path – this bike-only path connects the Heysen St path (completed last year) to the underpass at Lyons shops and then to Melrose Dr via the new path along Launceston St. The photo shows workers line-marking the raised crossing at Lyons shops. When finished, this path will complete the 2.25km northern connection between the Woden Valley and Weston Creek. As the Devonport St path runs within the root zone of mature eucalyptus trees, measures were taken to mitigate the effects of root intrusion. The path is concrete (in lieu of asphalt) with the “Tripstop” jointing system including longitudinal reinforcing rods to articulate the path in the event of root intrusion (see photo).  Sawcut joints were used to provide for a more even ride.

Sulwood Dr – off road path, Tuggeranong – the Murrumbidgee and Brindabella teams participated in Minister Chris Steel’s announcement of funding for detailed planning of a shared path along Sulwood Drive between Athllon and Drakeford Drives. We welcomed this proposal. It will fill the missing east-west link in northern Tuggeranong. The team will now work with planners to help ensure the route is safe and convenient. 

Crossing at Theodore St and Melrose Drive, Curtin – a bent raised crossing has been installed at this intersection to give priority to path users – an example of modern crossing design which Pedal Power has been urging the Government to install at similar unsafe locations. Some matters need to be finalised including the moving of the ‘Lyons’ sign and the installation of permanent lighting.

Molonglo planning – the Suburban Land Authority (SLA) briefed the team on planning for the Molonglo region. SLA will fund the pedestrian/cycling bridge over Weston Creek thereby fixing the missing link between Coombs and the C5 path along the Molonglo River. A new path will be built from there to Cotter Rd thereby obviating the present climb up the hill to the RSPCA. SLA is also developing a scenic recreational loop path along both sides of the lower Molonglo River at Denman Prospect and Whitlam.

Path re-surfacing – the team was pleased to see the paths at Yarralumla, Deakin ovals, and Molonglo River have been re-surfaced with high grade bitumen. The contractors are to be congratulated with the high quality of the finish.

Woden Bus Interchange – we have commented on the early DAs expressing concern about maintaining the integrity of the C4 route in Woden particularly the Easty Street crossing. We also registered concerns at plans to delay installing bike parking and toilets at the Interchange (the plan is to incorporate them in the CTI which is a later stage development).

Brierly St Weston Creek Group Centre – the team has made a detailed submission on the Government’s plans for upgrading Brierly St suggesting multiple ways to make the Street more cycle and pedestrian friendly. Pedal Power also suggests the planning include an upgrade of Trenerry St and Square to provide from an east-west cycle way and a shady European-style restaurant precinct on the sunny southern side of Trenerry St. 

Brickworks Residential development, Yarralumla – representations were made to improve safe crossing of the main access road to the new Brickworks development and to ensure a separated path was built along the full length of Denman St, as well as along the re-modelled Dudley St.