Our achievements

Pedal Power is proud of the work we do to help shape the design of our city with its extensive network of paths and cycle lanes. 

In addition to the regular work we undertake to provide input into plans, designs, developments and traffic management, we continue to make significant improvements for all Canberra bike riders. As a direct result of our advocacy efforts, the ACT has:

  • Minimum distance passing laws
  • Laws to allow people to cycle over crossings at less than 10 km/hr, the only jurisdiction in Australia where this is permitted
  • The best bicycle parking guidelines in Australia
  • Bike racks on almost every bus in Canberra
  • Bike parking all over our city
  • Greatly-improved active travel design standards.
  • Separated cycle infrastructure such as the civic cycle loop, the Belconnen bikeway, and the Woden bikeway
  • An Active Travel Office within the ACT Government dedicated to increasing walking and cycling in our city.