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26 Aug 20 | By pp-admin | Advocacy


26 August 2020

Pedal Power has welcomed the release of the ACT Transport Strategy 2020 and congratulates the ACT Government on securing Federal funding to boost Canberra cycling and walking facilities.

“The long-awaited ACT Transport Strategy released this week promises a substantial shift in ACT Government policy,” Pedal Power CEO Ian Ross said.  “The policy moves away from a narrow focus on road expansion, and undertakes to prioritise investment in walking, cycling and public transport,” Pedal Power CEO, Ian Ross said.

The new policy foreshadows a more proactive approach for the development cycling and walking infrastructure in new estate development, and promises to “future proof” our city by ensuring that active travel infrastructure is provided whenever new roads are built roads are upgraded.

“If the ACT Government can deliver on these commitments it will be transformative for our city, and will support a genuine shift towards greater participation in active travel,” Mr Ross said.

“Pedal Power is particularly pleased to see that the Government has mapped out development plans for our path network, including important new connections for thousands of people living in Molonglo and Ginninderry; new cycling rapid transport corridors to Woden, Belconnen, and Gunghalin; and improved connections between the city and the lake.

“These path enhancements can’t come fast enough. We look forward to seeing details of how these commitments will be delivered through the Walking and Cycling Infrastructure and Promotion Plan, and to understanding the timeframes within which the ACT Government intends delivery.

“We are pleased to see the policy acknowledges that our paths need to be maintained, but are disappointed the strategy doesn’t commit to any maintenance measures. We need an ongoing and systematic program of path maintenance across the entire path network. This needs to be coupled with budget transparency and accountability measures for path maintenance and condition,” Mr Ross said.

Community infrastructure investment

Pedal Power also welcomes the significant boost to our path network through yesterday’s announcement of $2.8 million in path and crossing upgrades through the Federal Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program.  

These upgrades include several key projects that Pedal Power has long advocated as key priorities to significantly improve the safety, choice and convenience for people walking and cycling. 

“We are really pleased that the ACT Government listened and responded to calls from the community for these much-needed improvements” Mr Ross said.

“A path is more than the asphalt it’s made from. These infrastructure projects will help Canberrans in their day-to-day lives:

  • The priority crossings in Yarralumla will improve access from east Woden and the inner south into the city, and will provide safe paths for students riding to Yarralumla Primary School
  • The completion of the Heysen Street connection through Lyons will provide a safe, fully accessible off-road connection between Woden and Weston Creek.
  • The short Aikman Drive path will allow connection to the new Belconnen bikeway to people in the northern Belconnen suburbs.
  • The new path on Menindee Drive will improve safety for walkers and riders around the East Basin path, and completes what Pedal Power believes is the best one day cycle loop in Australia: the Lake Burley griffin loop.

Improvements to lighting on the path network are an additional boost for Canberrans, Mr Ross said. “Pedal Power also welcomes the commitment to enhancing lighting on the path network. We look forward to seeing greater detail of where these lights will be built. Lighting our key path thoroughfares will give riders a much greater sense of security and comfort when riding home at night,” he said.