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16 Sep 19 | By pp-admin | Advocacy, Pedal Power


16 September 2019

Plan to combat climate change recognises the importance of active travel

The ACT Climate Change Strategy released today prioritises active travel and provides tangible actions designed to change Canberra’s car culture.

Transport is now the single largest contributor of damaging climate emissions in the ACT.  To transition to a low carbon city, we need to get people out of their cars, and onto buses, light rail and bikes. 

Pedal Power ACT CEO, Mr Ian Ross, congratulated the ACT Government for developing a strategy that will both improve infrastructure and support people to change their travel habits.

“Pedal Power has recognised for some time that while sustained investment in active travel infrastructure is vital, infrastructure alone cannot achieve a change in our travel choices.

“Canberra is a great place for cycling. We have a good path network that connects our suburbs and town centres and some good on-road cycling infrastructure in place, yet our cycle commuting rates have been low for decades.

The Climate Change Strategy outlines a number of positive measures which will support people to ride including:

  • expanding the role of the ACTSmart to promote Active Travel choices in homes, schools and businesses.
  • expansion of the Active Travel Office and school-based active travel initiatives.
  • implementing car free days.
  • prioritising walking and cycling infrastructure to improve the safety and connectedness of the active travel network.
  • exploring options for a reward scheme to increase active travel
  • trialling financial incentives to encourage the uptake of electric bikes

“Initiatives that help more Canberrans to cycle more often will do more than impact on our climate, they also have an ongoing positive impact on the community through improved population health and wellbeing and reduced congestion.

Getting people engaged in active travel requires clear targets and consistent support from our government and strong collaboration with the community.  The Climate Change Strategy provides a good framework for this.

“Pedal Power ACT congratulates the ACT Government on the strategy and we look forward to working across all levels of government and with other future-focussed businesses and organisations to increase the uptake of active travel options like cycling,” Mr Ross said.


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