ACT Government slips up on banana rails

02 Mar 18 | By pp-admin | Advocacy, Infrastructure, Pedal Power

The recent installation of dangerous banana rails along the main Lake Burley Griffin cycle path near the Arboretum is causing serious concern amongst Canberra’s cycling community.

The rails are on routes popularly used by tourists and families as well as people riding to and from work.  Banana rails are well known to be dangerous for people on bicycles as contact can cause them to be be thrown into the path of oncoming pedestrians or other cyclists.

This development is particularly disappointing given the commitment by the ACT Government in 2016 that no new banana rails would be installed on its path network, and the fact that the Government’s own design standards now prohibit banana rails from being used under any circumstances.

Pedal Power has been working constructively with Roads ACT over a number of years to ensure that no more dangerous banana rails are installed, and that higher risk examples are permanently removed, so we are very disappointed to see them back on Canberra paths after all the advocacy work we’ve done on this issue.

We have raised this with the ACT Government and urgently requested that the dangerous new banana rails be removed before someone is injured.