20 Mar 21 | By pp-admin | Pedal Power

Due to a dramatic change in the weather forecast, Pedal Power ACT has cancelled the 2021 Big Canberra Bike Ride which was set to start at 6am on Sunday 21 March.


Pedal Power CEO, Mr Ian Ross, said the decision to cancel was not taken lightly.


“We have spent months preparing for this ride. To have to cancel at the last minute is devastating.


“Last year we had to cancel the Big Canberra Bike Ride because the capital was blanketed in choking bushfire smoke. Then in September we had to cancel Fitz’s Challenge because of COVID.


“This year COVID restrictions threatened to prevent us from riding, but when we got COVID approval for the Big Canberra Bike Ride we thought all possible threats were over.


“To now be hit by a weather bomb is unfathomable.


“For much of the week the Bureau of Meteorology were predicting rain in Canberra on Saturday with only a forty per cent chance of a few showers on Sunday.


“Overnight the forecast changed to expecting 35-50 millimetres, flash flooding, and strong winds on Sunday.


“The sever winds gusts of up to 90 km/per hour now expected today, will likely strew the ride courses with debris.


“The combination of strong winds and rain will make a mass ride unsafe.


“We were holding this event to bring the bike riding community together, to ride in safety and have fun, neither will be possible in the predicted weather.


 “Pedal Power will be contacting riders regarding refunds and our plans for possible other rides.


“We are so disappointed our fantastic riding community will not get to ride together on Sunday.


“So many people were looking forward to it,” Mr Ross said.