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18 Oct 18 | By 372-admin | Cycling tips, Pedal Power

Pedal Power ACT is pleased to launch a new learn-to-ride program to help get younger children learn to cycle.

“Big Skills for Small Bikes is an innovative new course to help parents and carers get their little ones riding confidently and safely,” said Pedal Power CEO Ian Ross. “What makes this course different is that adults and children attend the training sessions together. Parents/carers are given the skills and resources to continue to support their child to develop bike skills at home.

“It’s amazing how quickly even very young children can learn to ride with the right instruction. The course is open to children aged three to eight. We have found that even the littlest ones can get riding after being taught this curriculum. The course would benefit any child who is not yet riding on their own, who needs a bit of help getting off training wheels or moving from a balance bike to pedal bike.

Jo Brown is one of the coaches trained to deliver the new curriculum. “The resources were really easy to use. I took them home to my kids and I’ve been amazed by their progress in a short period of time”, said Jo. “My six-year old had been cautious to get off her training wheels and now she’s riding on her own and wants to do it every day”.

Riding a bike is a skill for life. It is a great way for children to get the exercise they need, and as they get older, to enjoy the freedom and independence of getting around on their own. If we want to improve the health of the wider population, we need normalise bike-riding as a form of transport – starting with kids. However, the reality is that many parents don’t have the skills or time to help their kids get started cycling. Big Skills for Small Bikes empowers parents with the tools to teach safe cycling skills, and to integrate cycling into family life.

Big Skills for Small Bikes fills a gap in the market by providing a learn-to-ride program for pre-school and lower primary aged children. The program has been developed as a trial with support from the ACT Government, with a view to being rolled out across the ACT.

When: commencing Saturday 27 October with six weekly sessions at 9.00 – 9.45 am and 10.00 – 10.45 am

Where: Basketball Courts behind Majura Primary School, 101 Knox St Watson

Cost: Adults free. $75 per child.

  • The course is designed to teach adults how to teach cycle skills to their children. Parents/carers must actively participate.
  • Maximum two children per adult.
  • BYO kids balance or pedal bike and Australian standards helmet.
  • Participating adults do not need bikes.