Bliss is… that feeling when you cross the finish line!

20 Jul 22 | By pp-admin | Events, Fitzs, Pedal Power

You’ve chosen a distance, you’ve trained, you’ve built up fitness and muscle tone.
You’ve arrived on the morning of the Big Day, nervous and exhilarated as the anticipation peaks.
The day rolls on. You’ve tackled the hills – all those gloriously challenging hills! You’ve refueled at the rest stops, enjoying sandwiches, cakes, drinks and camaraderie.
You’ve inspired those behind you, and been inspired by those in front.
And then. And then. There it is! That spectacular finish line chute. You hear the cheers of friends and fellow riders. You roll up closer, closer, closer… you’re there! You’ve done it!! You’ve conquered the Fitz’s Challenge!
Dream it, ride it. Which ride will you choose?