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17 May 18 | By pp-admin | Cycling tips, Infrastructure, Pedal Power

We’ve had a lot of interest from Canberra riders about the light rail project and what it means for bike riders. People living and riding near the current construction works may be wondering about closures of paths and bike lanes, and what the end result will look like once Stage One is complete.

Here is some information provided to us by the ACT Government:

At completion of Light Rail Stage 1, all previous cycle facilities will be reinstated and additional improvements delivered as part of a safe and connected network.  On-road cycle lane works will complete previous missing links to provide a continuous lane for the full length of Flemington Road.

An off-road shared path from the Federal Highway to Randwick Road on the western side of Flemington Road will be provided, connecting to the shared path crossing at the intersection and providing an alternative to the on-road lane.

At all intersections the access ramps will be improved to meet current standards, plus the addition of cycle lane hook-turning facilities at some intersections.

On the verge at each stop (except Alinga Street where parking is in the median), commuters can access ground mounted racks to lock/secure bikes before transferring to Light Rail and continue their journey.

Continuing through the construction phase, there will be scheduled closures of on-road bike facilities.  During these times, off-road shared paths will be made available, such as on the Flemington Road.  Route updates are available online, supported by additional on-route wayfinding markers and directional signage.

The Government has also provided the following advice for people riding near light rail:

  • Look out for the tracks on the road and do not ride immediately adjacent to the rail track.
  • Ride directly across the tracks at a right angle to avoid your wheels getting stuck in the groove.
  • Always cross the tracks at designated crossings and intersections.

The “Rail Ready” video provides tips for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers when in the light rail environment, and was released to coincide with the electrification of overhead wires and vehicle testing. For up-to-date information follow Canberra Metro on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, call the 24/7 line 1300 208 824 or visit the Canberra Metro website.