Changes to Cotter Road show little regard for active travellers

17 Jan 20 | By pp-admin | Advocacy, Cycle safety, Pedal Power

The changes to the Cotter Road announced by Roads and Active Travel Minister Chris Steel yesterday, shows disregard for Canberra’s active travellers.

The surprise announcement of these plans to establish a dedicated continuous lane from the Cotter Road ramp onto Adelaide Avenue were not discussed with community groups like Pedal Power who are trying to work with the government to support and encourage much more active travel – a key component of the government’s own climate change strategy.

Pedal Power ACT CEO, Mr Ian Ross, said Pedal Power has been flooded with calls from our members upset that this change has been announced without, it seems, any consideration of how it would affect other road users like bike riders.

“The on-road cycle lane along Adelaide Avenue is the most direct route for Woden and southern Canberra riders who commute to work and study in the city everyday by bike.

“The current crossing point for people cycling is already far from optimal.   The cycle lane cuts out at the beginning of the intersection. There is a small metal post provided for people riding bikes to hang onto to as they wait for a break in the traffic.  They then have to dash across the wide lane from a standing start to avoid vehicles which are traveling very fast around a bend and down a ramp to merge into Adelaide Avenue. The visibility of oncoming vehicles is not optimal at this point either, as the curve of the hill and grass prevent a rider from seeing more that 250 meters up the road.

“The new continuous lane will be much more difficult and dangerous to cross if vehicles are presumably now travelling even faster and not even looking out for other traffic as they won’t need to merge.

“Pedal Power acknowledges that the new lane will improve traffic flow for Western Creek and Molonglo drivers, however, it is unacceptable to make other road users more vulnerable to serious injury as a result.

“Pedal Power’s 2020 budget submission has already asked the ACT Government to fund a separated bike lane along Adelaide Avenue to enable riders safe and rapid access to and from the city.

“If this change is going to be rushed through by February, Pedal Power calls on the ACT Government to slow traffic moving along Cotter Road 60 kph or less from at least the Dudley Street intersection, and to establish speed cameras on the ramp to enforce the slower speeds or to signalise the crossing at the bottom of the Cotter Road ramp to enable bikes to cross safely,” Mr Ross said.


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