Changes to traffic in the city

09 Sep 22 | By pp-admin | Rider Alerts

Site establishment and works to support major infrastructure improvements across the city are being rolled out over the coming weeks. 

Coranderrk Street and Parkes Way intersection upgrade

Construction is underway at the roundabout intersection of Coranderrk Street and Parkes Way to install traffic lights to control the westbound right turn from Parkes Way into Coranderrk Street and improve traffic flow during the upcoming construction of major infrastructure projects.

For five consecutive upcoming weekends there will be no westbound access from Parkes Way into Coranderrk Street. This means vehicles will be unable to turn right at the roundabout intersection. Detour signage will be in place with vehicles to be detoured via Edinburgh Avenue.

Weekend closures are expected to begin from midnight (12.00 am) each Friday and remain closed until 6 am on the following Monday morning. The affected weekends are (weather permitting):

·         Midnight Friday 16 September to 6 am Monday 19 September

·         Midnight Friday 23 September to 6 am Monday 26 September

·         Midnight Friday 7 October to 6 am Monday 10 October

·         Midnight Friday 14 October to 6 am Monday 17 October

·         Midnight Friday 21 October to 6 am Monday 24 October.

Vernon Circle traffic lights and City Hill footpath

ACT Government will also install temporary traffic lights on the northern side of Vernon Circle to allow safe right-turn movements to access Constitution Avenue and London Circuit. This work is expected to take around 8-12 weeks.

To support walking and cycling access around the city area during the construction period and beyond, the ACT Government will construct a permanent new footpath and pedestrian signals between Constitution Ave and Edinburgh Ave. These works will occur at the same time to install traffic lights at Vernon Circle.

Upgrades within Verity and Odgers lanes

Ahead of commencing stormwater upgrades in each of the lanes, watermain infrastructure running along London Circuit must be relocated and new stormwater pipes built. This requires two consecutive partial weekend closures of London Circuit. These are expected to occur on the weekends of 8, 9 and 15, 16 October 2022 (weather permitting).

The site compound for this project is located in the Hobart Place car park on the corner of London Circuit. This has temporarily removed access to 10 spaces out of the 110-space car park. These are expected to be reinstated in early 2023 at the completion of the project. 

Further details on upcoming traffic and parking changes can be found at