FITZ’s is this weekend- how have you been training?

26 Oct 22 | By pp-admin | Fitzs, News Wheel

The much-awaited FITZ’s Chellenge is on this Sunday, 30 October!

Have you registered yet? While online registrations are now closed, you can still register in person at Stromlo Forest park tomorrow (12:30pm to 5:00pm) and on Sunday morning from 5:30am until your challenge starts.

Registration forms will be available at Stromlo or you can download yours here.

How have you been preparing for the challenge?

Alex Gorecki has been training with his friend Adam Burzynski. Alex says “I have entered Fitz’s this year with the intent of passing the cycling bug on to my good friend Adam. He has recently acquired a road bike, a taste for 6am rides, and a healthy respect for magpies!” See Adam during one of their 6am rides at Kambah Pool above.

Katie Holgate will be riding the 165km FITZ’s route. Here she in on a 100km training ride around the Hilltops region with a stop in Binalong for lunch. In the contest ‘Katie vs Motorbike: who rode it best?’ of course Katie won!

girl riding her bike next to a motorbike