From zero to confident rider in less than a week

11 Oct 22 | By pp-admin | Courses

Five-year-old Emma was keen to ride a bike but had not done much of it until these past school holidays, when she attended Pedal Power’s Big Skills for Small Bikes program and learned to ride in just a few hours.

The program is designed to teach children aged 3 to 8 years old and educate the parents to continue the guidance at home. It runs for five consecutive days during school holidays, 45 minutes each day.

“It was amazing to see how Emma went from not riding almost at all to riding quite well by the second or third day” says Emma’s father Alex Brennan “I credit the fast progress to Wendy and Robert’s teaching methods. They encouraged her to improve her skills and she responded very well. She was the most confident I have ever seen her in any activity!”

Wendy Studman and Robert Brunato are the accredited instructors who taught the class. 

“Many children arrive feeling very nervous, not wanting to leave their parents, often only able to ride a balance bike or not even that” says Robert “A few days later, they are riding pedal bikes independently, waving to their parents with big grins on their faces”.

The course is also a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to spend some quality time together during the holidays. “My favourite part of the course was to spend time everyday with my dad” says Emma.

The program uses a curriculum developed by a Cycling Australia coach and is targeted toward teaching parents how to teach their children. Adults attend the sessions with their children and are provided with resources to continue supporting them with their bike skills after they have completed the course.

If you have a little one who is keen to learn to ride a bike, make sure to keep an eye on our website and our social media to find out when the first 2023 course will run.