Learn some big skills for small bikes these school holidays

30 Mar 22 | By pp-admin | Pedal Power

Give kids some wheely great skills these school holidays, with Pedal Power’s Big Skills for Small Bikes learn-to-ride classes.

Bike riding is such a great way to fit some exercise into your kids’ day, but teaching little kids how to ride can be daunting (and a little frustrating for parents and kids).

Pedal Power’s program manager Perdy Sutherland said the Big Skills for Small Kids course was designed to take the stress out of teaching young kids to ride.

Big Skills for Small Bikes is a course for parents or carers to do with their little person,” she said. “The course gives kids the skills and confidence to start riding, but it also teaches parents or carers how to keep supporting and teaching their kids to ride”.

Teaching kids to ride when they are young is the best way to build lifelong cycling habits.  Perdy said the course aimed to teach beginner riders some skills, build their confidence, and support them to ride safely from the start. 

We have so many stories of parents who have been trying and trying to teach their kids to ride. Parents are frustrated, kids are frustrated. Then, they turn up to our Big Skills course, and off they go.” 

Perdy notes that while everyone progresses at different rates, “in most cases, you can expect your child to be riding unaided by the end of the five-day course. If not, they’ll soon pick it up at home with the tips our coaches give parents”.

Big Skills for Small Bikes is held in a safe, closed environment on the basketball court at Lyneham High, however it teaches kids the same safety measures they’ll use out on the paths. These include using hand signals, and calling out ahead of stopping, turning or slowing. 


The details 

  • Parents/carers must actively participate. 
  • Course is targeted for children aged 3 – 8 years. 
  • Maximum two children per adult. 
  • Participating children must bring their own balance or pedal bike and Australian standards helmet. 
  • Participating adults do not need bikes. 


  • Basketball Courts at Lyneham High School – Goodwin St, Lyneham  

Upcoming course dates and session times 

  • Monday 11 April to Friday 15 April 
  • 9.30am to 10.15am 
  • or 10.30am to 11.15am