Light rail and bike, perfect partners for more car-free trips.

16 Feb 23 | By pp-admin

You are riding along Gungahlin or the Inner North, having a lovely time and suddenly you get a flat tyre. You can fix it on the side of the road if you are equipped with materials and knowledge, or you can hop on the light rail to take you the rest of the way!

Canberra Metro Operations (CMET) collaborated with Pedal Power when designing the bike racks on the light rail and now each vehicle boasts space for 4 bikes which can be easily rolled onboard, thanks to the smooth platform-to-light rail transition, and safely hooked on the racks for transport.

Pedal Power’s staff Simon Copland and Ilaria Catizone recently visited the CMET depot in Mitchell and met with Sally Coyle and Lorraine Blackwood to discuss how the two organisations can work together.

“CMET is keen to ensure cyclists feel comfortable riding in areas where the light rail goes and using the light rail with their bikes.

“We have information on our vehicles to assist cyclists and a detailed information page on our website to make sure cyclists ride safely around the light rail,” said Sally.

CMET’s top tips for riding near light rail vehicles include:

  • Always cross the track perpendicular to their direction to avoid your wheels getting caught
  • Never cross in front of an approaching light rail vehicle
  • Pay extra attention around tracks, especially if riding with your earbuds in, as light rail vehicles are very quiet
  • Always push your bike while on the light rail platforms.

When travelling on the light rail with your bike, please stay nearby and be mindful of other passengers. Also please refrain from taking your bike on the light rail if it is a fully loaded cargo bike as the racks are not designed to hold this kind of vehicle safely.

It is also important to remember that the driver has limited visibility inside the light rail vehicle. If you are getting ready to disembark you can press the blue button located near the wheelchair parking station (opposite the bike rack) to alert the driver you may need a little extra time to get out.

With the light rail stage 2A well on the way and 2B also in the works, more Canberra cyclists will soon need to learn how to negotiate the light rail tracks. Pedal Power is engaging in ongoing advocacy to ensure this construction work also includes a fully segregated bike lane from Woden into the city. This will mean more people will be able to leave their cars at home and make their commute entirely by light rail or using a combination of bike and light rail. And fewer cars on the road, mean a more pleasant city for cyclists!